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Chapter News


Welcome to Mike Connor and North Bergen HS and Rachel Bollaro and Arthur L Johnson HS to Chapter 10. This brings the current chapter membership to 16 bands.

Hopewell Valley HS of Pennington, NJ and Randolph HS will also participate in 2011 Chapter 10 shows

There will be a special meeting "How Music in TOB is Judged" held June 18th from Noon to 3PM in the band room at Governor Livingston HS. Presentations by Mr Jeff Dent (TOB Director) and Mr. John Bugosh (TOB Music Caption Head). A light lunch will be served to all attendees. Please notify the chapter coordinator of your attendance. Directions to the school can be found on this web site.

Chapters 1 & 10 along with Sayreville War Memorial HS will present the First Annual New Jersey TOB State Championship on Saturday October 22nd. There is no enterance fees or ticket requirements. Gate admission will be $10 for adults and $5 for seniors and students 18 and under. This show is open to all schools in New Jersey regardless of TOB membership.

September 18th will be the annual Fall Luncheon Meeting at Jefferson House on Lake Hopatcong. The meeting is at 2 PM and information will be sent in August.

Final Chapter Contest Schedule has been posted.


New Members: Memorial HS of West New York, NJ led by Director Mike Godett and Lenape Valley HS of Stanhope, NJ led by Director Justin Halat. Both of these groups will be active in 2010 in chapter shows.

Chapter roster has been updated. There are 12 member bands on the roster and all have indicated they will be very active in chapter 10 in 2010.

Nearly final show schedule has been posted. All shows are confirmed except for the Baseball Park show. Please inform show sponsors and Ray if you plan on attending shows. Online option may be available pending development time by webmaster.

Nick Greeson from Wayne Valley and Ray attended the TOB rules congress. A long but productive day. all of the chapter submittals were approved or put to committee. The "For the good of the order" on eliminating penalities and having a small fine system was not considered.

The results are available on the NJA-TOB website at - http://www.njatob.org/index.php?view=article&catid=35:tob-news&id=379:2010-tob-rules-congress-update&format=pdf

The other noteworthy proposals that have been put to a committee is the idea of Atlantic Coast Championship for the new Class A. Ray will chair that committee. Nick Greeson will sit on the committee along with reps from across TOB. It has to be resolved by May 1, 2010

August 26, 2009

Finalized show schedule posted. Draft attendees have been posted.

Fall luncheon meeting is Sunday September 20th at 4 PM at the Jefferson House in Lake Hopatcong, NJ. Tickets and directions will be mailed.

March 11, 2009

Notes from the TOB Spring Meeting

February 25, 2009

Chapter 10 Spring Meeting
Madison HS, Madison, NJ

Attendees: West Essex, Raritan, Governor Livingston, Red Bank Catholic, Jefferson Twp, Matawan, Madison & Wayne Valley. Roselle Park and Brick Memorial were excused. 8 of 12 member bands present.

Also attending were Indoor coordinator Cliff Fitzgerald, "Member at Large" Dan Kopcha, and the West Essex Championship Committee.

Welcome back to Jefferson Twp HS, new Band Director Rich Barrieres and Assistant Band Director Lauren Kulick.

Welcome to John Scozzaro, former West Essex Drum Major, now West Essex Band Director.

Also wecome to Madison HS and Russ Batsch as they look to cultivate interest within their music program and become part of TOB and Chapter 10.

The agenda was as follows
* Membership voted to keep West Essex HS as the championship venue. Date is Sunday October 25 @ 4 PM. Rain date is Monday October 26th @ 6 PM
* 2008 was reviewed and deemed a huge success including two ACC winners from Chapter 10.
* Chapter Championship from 2008 was reviewed as well as the 2008 scholarship recipients
* New TOB/NJA/TIA alignment and admin was explained to new members.
* New ACC venue and date adjustment for all TOB Championships was explained

2009 Draft Show Schedule
* September 26th @ 7PM - Jefferson Twp HS
* October 3rd @ 7 PM - Brick Memorial HS (pending approval)
* October 4th @ 1 PM - Madison HS (tentative)
* October 11th @ 1 PM - Matawan HS
* October 17th @ 7 PM - Roselle Park HS
* October 18th @ 1 PM - Governor Livingston HS
* October 25th @ 4 PM - Chapter Championship @ West Essex HS
* November 1st - ACC for Groups 1 & 3 - Hershey, PA
* November 8th - ACC for Groups 2 & 4 - Hershey, PA

* Nick Greeson of Wayne Valley made a presentation and spoke on recruiting methods for attracting new regional and festival units emphasizing the financial incentives TOB offers as well as the development of a championship for these groups beyond chapters. Nick will be the lead for New Group 3 and 4 bands and Mike Wazeka of Raritan wil be the lead for Group 1 & 2 bands. Nick and Mike will work with coordinator on mailing out packages in the spring.

*Russ Batsch of Madison made a suggestion of incorpating a method of signing up to complete in a show using the chapter website in similiar ways as USSBA and Chpater 1. Coordinator will work with webmaster on this feature.

* The group offered a good question reagrding when profiling would begin in the adjusted season. Coordinator will ask at the March 1st TOB Congress.

* Fall luncheon will be Sunday Sep 20th @ 2 PM at the Jefferson House in Lake Hopatcong

January 20, 2009

Chapter 10 will conduct the first chapter meeting of 2009 on Wednesday February 25, 2009 @ 7:00 PM @ Madison High School on Ridgedale Ave in Madison, NJ

There have been changes at the top of TOB and NJA and it is important to review them along with confirming out fall schedule as well as development of the new classes of regional and festival.

Welcome to Mr John Scozzaro, new band director at West Essex HS

Welcome back to Jefferson Twp HS under the direction of Mr Rich Barrieres. Jefferson Twp will host a show on October 3rd and will return to do some chapter shows.

Welcome to Madison HS to TOB

This meeting is important and is required by the bylaws of TOB. Please confirm attendance with Ray.

December 2, 2008

The Chapter 10 winter meeting was held on December 2, 2009 at Roselle Park HS
Meeting commenced at 7:15 PM and completed at 9:15 PM

Meeting was conducted by Cliff Fitzgerald and Ray Troxell

Members Attending:
East Side HS, Fusion Guard, Fairlawn HS, Governor Livingston HS, Raiders Gaurd, Old Bridge HS, Roselle Park HS

Chapter coordinator explained the new TOB/TIA reorganization and new class of Intermediate Percussion. Cliff reviewed show dates and encourages everyone sponsoring a show to submit contracts ASAP. Attendance at chapter shows was also encouraged.

New dues of $50 were explained.

All approved unit rosters and dues need to be in to Cliff by February 15, 2009.

Ray explained the use and value of the chapter web site and the new TOB/NJA web site. Addresses were provided for both.

Old Bridge HS was awardsed the championship show for 2009. Old Bridge Director of Bands Melissa Bolger was present and accepted the opprotunity.

Total unit membership for 2009 should be approximately 16 guards and 7 percussion units.

Ray was present and conducted a mini clinic in a separate venue of the high school for those who were new to percussion competition in TIA.

August 23, 2008

2008 Contracted Shows posted to web site

Full Luncheon Meeting is on September 14 at 2 PM at the Jefferson House in Lake Hopatcong, NJ. Information will be mailed on August 25th. Two members are included free for each school. Additional guests are $10 each

Welcome to Nick Greeson, new Marching Band Director at Wayne Valley HS

Contracted Chapter 10 Shows

October 4 - West Essex 7 PM
October 12 - Matawan 1 PM
October 18 - Roselle Park 7 PM
October 26 - Governor Livingston 1 PM
November 2 - Championships 4 PM at West Essex
November 8 - TOB East Regional at Bensalem HS
November 15/16 - ACC - Allentown, PA

March 14, 2008 (updated 3/26)

The 2008 Spring meeting is Tuesday April 15, 2008, 7-9 PM, at Governor Livingston HS. Agenda will be faxed out a week prior to the meeting.

We will cover the new group sizes and classes, fall shows, championship and other rules congress changes. Details on the new TOB Class system can be found HERE.

Show dates locked in as of now are Sunday October 12 @ Matawan and Sunday October 26 @ Governor Livingston. Other likely contests are October 4 @ West Essex and October 18 @ Roselle Park

The other October dates are open. If you are going to run a show, please notify Ray Troxell prior to the meeting. This will help you secure bands for your show. I know some chapter members are already looking at other dates, so it would benefit all to lock up a date.

2008 TOB Rules Congress Rules Proposals

Some quick winter notes...

Anyone who has not inquired about Indoor Activities for 2008, please let Cliff Fitzgerald (Clijoker@aol.com)know ASAP if you are still interested. It looks like there will approx 24 guars and 6 drum lines in 2008.

TOB has a Rules Congress coming up in March 08 - If you have any suggested changes or modifications to the rules, please e-mail them to Ray, even if they are just a thought. They will be circulated for comment. Rules changes to be submitted to the congress will be circulated.

An assistant graduate instructor from Arizona State Univeristy named David Rickels is conducting an ongoing reach project on marching bands and what is takes to be successful, etc. We have given him some public domain scoring and other misc info on our chapter and chapters 1, 2 & 4.

He may contact you all individually to help in his research. He is legit and it's up to you if you wnt to participate.

We are looking to have the Spring Meeting early in 2008 so we can over rules stuff and get a head start on 2008. Most likely in February

Have a great holiday and thanks again for a great season!

Marching Band rules congress in March 2008.

Rules changes will be submitted by the chapter for consideration. Please contact Ray for procedure to submit rules changes.

Indoor clinic at Upper Darby HS - Sunday December 9

Chapter 10 Indoor Meeting - November 28 @ 7:30 PM at Roselle Park HS

Cliff Fitzgerland is the chapter indoor coordinated. Please let Cliff or Ray know if you want to participate in indoor and are not able to attend the meeting. The meeting will discuss shows and chapter championship. A separate meeting will be held in Decemember to discuss further interest in indoor participation

Chapter 10 News - Sep 18

Fall meeting was held on September 16 and began at 2 PM. Attending were Matwan, Ramsey, Old Bridge, Nutley, Gov Livingston, Raritan, West Essex, Red Bank Catholic. All Others accounted for except Port Chester. Dan Groth Outdoor assistant and Cliff Fitzgerald Indoor coordinator also attended. Approx 22 people in attenance

Discussed 2006, 2007 status of chapter bands. Reviewed 2007 show attendance, block timing, penalties, etc. Ramsey combo show was discussed. MAC and NJA will adjudicate all bands. There will be two recaps. Trophy winners will be the highest average score of both recaps. This show will feature approx 16 bands and an exhibition from the University of Connecticut Huskey Band.

Chapter & ACC championship seeding and ACC venue was discussed at length. Both Cliff Fitzgerald and Ray Troxell visited the site and gave a positive description of the Delaware State facility.

Chapter 10 championship panel will include percussion and auxiliary judges for a total of 10 judges. The use of Drum Major, WW and Brass judges was voted down.

August 31, 2007

Season packets have been mailed.
Luncheon tickets are in the packet. Menu choices must be emailed by Sep 9.
Membership info sheet is in the packet. Please fill it out and bring it to the meeting

Agenda will include many items including the new ACC venue.

The Oct 27th show at Ramsey is a combination show with the MAC. Two judging panels will be used (1 NJA, and 1 MAC). Bands from Connecticut and New York will be at the show along with us. Get exposure in two circuits at once by attending.

Responses are still needed regarding the Old Bridge show on Saturday October 20th @ 1 PM. It was changed from a night show. Please respond to Ray Troxell regarding attendance.

Raiders Drum Corps is looking to run a show on Sunday Oct 21 at Paterson Kennedy. Middle Twp HS is looking to attend along with another possible Chapter 1 Band.

Nutley will appear at West Essex and Governor Livingston

Roselle Park show on Oct 13th. Excellenent venue. New show for 2007.

Fall Luncheon Meeting is Sept 16th at 2 PM at the Jefferson House Restaurant in Lake Hopatcong, NJ. Director and Guest Free. $10 for extra adults, $5 for children.

New Directors:
Matawan HS: Seth Jones
Governor Livingston: Nick O'Sullivan

2007 Contest Schedule and band roster have been posted.


Chapter 10 News - June 8, 2007

2007 Show Schedule To Date:
Oct 6 - West Essex HS, 7 PM
Oct 13 - Roselle Park HS, 7 PM
Oct 20 - Old Bridge HS, 7 PM
Oct 27 - Ramsey HS, Time TBA
Oct 28 - Governor Livingston HS, 1 PM

Chapter Championship - Nov 4 - 4 PM at West Essex HS

Possible additional show to be run on either Oct 14 or Oct 21

As you may know, Dan Kopcha has retired at Governor Livingston after a career that is beyond description. Dan will be missed by everyone in the entire band community. While GL is in the process of selecting a new director, the booster club has submitted and committed to the GL show on Sunday Oct 28. The contract and fee have been received by TOB so the show will be held. Lebanon HS of Chapter 6 has already shown interest in attending this show.

Each member school has been sent a large packet of information for what you need to know for 2007. Over the summer, dues and contest commitments are the most important. Make your contacts to attend shows and who will be attending your show. Copy Ray Troxell on any commitments to attend a show.

Scholarship monies and plaquest have been sent to the appropriate schools.

Fall luncheon meeting is Sunday Sept 26 at 2 PM at the Jefferson House Restaurant in Lake Hopatcong, NJ

Minutes from Spring Chapter Meeting

The Chapter 10 Spring Meeting was held on April 12, 2007 at Governor Livingston HS

The chapter has two new members, Allentown HS (Allentown, NJ) and Nutley HS (Nutley, NJ).
East Brunswick HS has withdrawn from the TOB. We wish them good fortune and hope to see them back in the future.
There is potential of a third new member for 2007.

The Chapter Championship (pending school use approval) will be at West Essex HS (North Caldwell, NJ) on either
Saturday November 3rd or Sunday November 4th.

The draft schedule established at the meeting is:
Oct 6 (Night): West Essex HS, North Caldwell, NJ
Oct 20 (Night): Old Bridge HS, Old Bridge, NJ
Oct 27: Ramsey HS, Ramsey, NJ (Possible combination show with MAC)
Oct 28 (Day): Governor Livingston HS, Berkeley Heights, NJ

Two other shows are currently being worked on for the weekend of Oct 13/14 and Sunday Oct 21.

Fall Luncheon Meeting will be held on Sunday Sep 16 (2 PM) at Jefferson House in Lake Hopatcong, NJ

Chapter Coordinator will mail out all information on ACCs for those that could not attend.


The Chapter 10 Spring Marching Band Meeting will be held on Thurdsday April 12, 2007 at 7 PM in the Band Room at Governor Livingston HS

Topics to include discussion of the Fall 2007 Marching Band Schedule, 2007 Chapter Championship Site, 2007 ACC Site and other topics of interest.

Minutes from Fall Chapter Meeting

Meeting was held on Sep 17 at Jefferson House.

Meeting attended by: Governor Livingston, Matawan, East Brunswick, Raritan, Raritan, Red Bank Catholic, Port Chester, Old Bridge, West Essex, chapter coordinator, assistant chatper coordinator and chapter indoor coordinator.

Absent were Wayne Valley, Columbia, and Ramsey

Introduced new band directors. Bob Vitti from Port Chester, Melissa Boland from Old Bridge & Mike Wazeka from Raritan.

Discussed timing block, new rules changes and contest participation.Cliff Fitzgerald gave an introduction to the indoor activites. Dan Groth covered the rules changes.

Voted on and passed the use of percussion and guard judges at championship. Voted on and passed to persue the possibility of chapter t-shirts for sale at the championship. Voted on and passed to only use drum major retreat at championship.

Reviewed and confirmed contest attendence. Information posted on 2006 contest web pages. Group sizes still open as are performance times.

Posted 9/19/2006

Chapter 10 Show Schedule Finalized

Sunday October 8th - Old Bridge HS, 1 PM
Sunday October 15th - Wayne Valley HS, 1 PM
Saturday October 21st - East Brunswick HS, 7 PM
Sunday October 22nd - Matawan HS, 1 PM
Saturday October 28th - West Essex HS, 7 PM
Sunday October 29th - Governor Livingston HS, 1 PM
Sunday November 4th - Chapter 10 Championship @ Old Bridge HS, 4 PM

The Chapter Fall meeting/luncheon will take place on Sunday September 17th @ 2 PM @ the Jefferson House restaurant in Lake Hopatcong. Menus have been distributed.

Topics for discussion will include:

  • New chapter members for 2006
  • Review of the 2005 season
  • Review of the 2006 season
  • Contest attendance
  • Results of the 2006 TOB Rules Congress
  • Chapter Championship planning
  • Scholarship essays
  • Atlantic Coast Championship

Posted 9/6/2006

Chapter 10 Draft Schedule as of 7/29/06

Sunday October 8th - Old Bridge HS
Sunday October 15th - Wayne Valley HS
Saturday October 21st - East Brunswick HS
Saturday October 28th - West Essex HS
Sunday October 29th - Governor Livingston HS
Sunday November 5th - Chapter 10 Championship @ Old Bridge HS - 4 PM

Schedule has been finalized

Spring meeting date is Thursday May 11, 2006 at Governor Livingston HS

Minutes from 2006 Tournament of Bands Rules Congress

Chapter 10 Draft Schedule as of 3/27/06

Sunday October 8th - Old Bridge HS (under discussion)
Sunday October 15th - Wayne Valley HS (definite)
Saturday October 21st - East Brunswick HS (definite)
Saturday October 28th - West Essex HS (under discussion)
Sunday October 29th - Governor Livingston HS (definite)
Sunday November 5th - Chapter 10 Championship @ Old Bridge HS - 4 PM (definite)

Schedule should be finalized by 4/15.

Spring meeting date is Thursday May 11, 2006 at Governor Livingston HS

Minutes from 2006 Tournament of Bands Rules Congress

Indoor Meeting Minutes - November:

Attendees were: Saturday Matinee, Mineola HS, Brigade/Regime, East Side, Raiders, Fusion, Matawan, Gov Livingston, & Roselle Park

Indoor Chapter shows are:
Feb 4th - Ronkonkama, LI (first show)
Feb 19th - Roselle Park, NJ
Mar 4th - Mineola, LI
Apr 15th - Ronkonkama, LI (second show)
Tentative Championship site of Roselle Park HS

Topics included schedule and contracts, use of chapter web site, outside chapter shows, recruiting within chapter 10 outdoor, percussion workshop to be scheduled, WGI rules being applied to TIA

All classification of group intent should be given to Cliff ASAP.

Fall Luncheon was held September 25th. Meeting Minutes:

Attended by: Jefferson Twp, Gov Livingston, Matawan, Old Bridge, West Essex, Raritan, Red Bank Catholic, Columbia, Wayne Valley & Pequannock

Reviewed field rules, timing block, flag code, and sideline boundaries. Members voted to start the chapter championship at East Brunswick at 4 PM on Nov 6th. Will use regional judge slate for championship plus percussion and auxiliary judges. Talked about getting more kids to submit scholarship forms.

The Fall luncheon meeting willbe held on Sunday September 25th at 4 PM at the Jefferson House Restrurant. Fall schedule will be reviewed and finalized. Staff passes willbe issued. Championship, rules and other items will be discussed. All information regarding the luncheon, dues and contest attendence will be sent to your schools the week of August 15th.

Welcome to the following new directors:
Jason Vraom III @ South Plainfield HS
Jason Carroll @ Jefferson Twp HS
Peter Bauer @ Columbia HS
Rich Schwartz @ Roselle Park HS

The NJA judges clinic will be held the weekend of August 20/21. Dan Kopcha, Ray Troxell & Dan Groth will attend and report back any important information at the luncheon.

Fall Schedule is currently:
Sunday Oct 9 -- Matawan HS
Sunday Oct 16 -- Jefferson Twp HS
Sunday Oct 23 -- Governor Livingston HS
Saturday Oct 29 -- Old Bridge HS

Championship will be at East Brunswick on Sunday Nov 6th at 4 PM

Minutes for May 4th meeting

Spring meeting is schedule for May 4th @ Gov Livingston HS @ 7 PM. Topics to inlcude the fall season, tob spring meeting, and championship site. Thanks to Wayne Valley for running an excellent fall chapter championship. Jefferson Twp will be running an indoor show on Sat April 2nd at 4 PM

Indoor meeting is scheduled for November 17 (Wednesday) 7:30 pm at Roselle Park HS.

Fall meeting luncheon is September 26th @ 4 PM @ Jefferson House in Lake Hopatcong, NJ. Topics will include current membership, review of important rules, time block and boundary review, 2004 competition schedule, staff pass distribution, who is going to what shows, Carlo Vinci Jr High Music Award, Championship show details, financial reports, new issues, date and place for spring meeting, ACC Championships. (posted 8/29/04)

     Chapter 10 Spring Meeting will be held Wednesday June 2nd at Governor Livingston @ 7 PM. Agenda will include rules changes, fall schedule and selection of the championship site. Also, welcome to Mr Cliff Bialkin and the Ramsey HS band on entering TOB. Ramsey will continue membership in MAC and will include TOB in 2004 in group 4. (posted 3/25/04)

     The 2004 TOB Biannual Rules Congress will held on Sunday, March 7th. The enclosed proposals are for your review and comment if any. You may email any comments to me at N8230@AOL.COM or to Dan Groth at MJGROTH@AOL.COM. Most of the proposed changes are administrative in nature. The most reoccurring proposal is the issue of changing group sizes, etc., including one from us. The chapter proposal has lower group size numbers than the other Chapters suggested, but the Region Directors' proposal to change size matches ours exactly. The other proposal that has interest is the boundary issue. The meeting on the 7th will go over the proposals to the Chapter Heads and they will vote, etc., for inclusion or dismissal. Read over the proposals and if you have a strong opinion either way let us know. Proposed Rules Changes (posted 2/11/04)

      Championship show was a huge success and thanks go to John Kish, the East Brunswick HS band and the East Brunswick Band Parents for an excellent effort. Winners of the 2003 essay scholarships were Megan Heber from Jefferson Twp HS and Sam Inshassi from Old Bridge HS. Nine of the ten bands that competed qualified for ACC and all nin attended. The bands this past year were fabulous and every performance was electric. (posted 1/16/04)

     The TOB rules congress is scheduled for March 2004. All Bands had rules change recommendation sheets faxed to them. If you have any suggestions please return them to the Chapter Coordinator by January 23rd. Use the Rules Change Recommendation form to submit ideas. (posted 1/16/04)

      The Chapter X Fall Meeting/Luncheon will be held Sunday September 14th at 4 PM at the Jefferson House in Lake Hopatcong, NJ. Contact Ray Troxell for details. Discussions will include fall show attendance, staff pass distribution, TOB spring meeting notes, block time review, group sizes and championship judging panel. (posted 9/11/03)

       Updated chapter outdoor roster posted. Welcome to West Milford HS and Wayne Valley to Chapter X this fall! (posted 9/11/03)

      Spring meeting minutes posted 7/29/2003. (posted 7/29/03)

      The Chapter X Fall meeting will be held on September 24th at 7:00 PM in the East Brunswick HS Band Room. Meeting agenda will be mailed. The majority of the meeting will be to finalize fall activities. (posted 9/08/02)

      The Chapter X Fall meeting will be held in early September at East Brunswick HS. The exact date will be posted at a later date. (posted 7/22/02)

      Welcome to Montgomery HS of Skillman, NJ and band director Doreen Heckman for the 2002 outdoor season. (posted 7/22/02)

      Congratulations to Tracy Burke on his new position as West Morris HS in Chester, NJ. New Raritan HS band director Greg Stauffer and Raritan HS will remain members of Chapter X. (posted 7/22/02)

      A great Drum Corps shows will be hosted in the area soon. The Garden State Open will be held in Wayne, NJ on 7/27/02. Come out and support some of DCI's best Division II and III corps! (posted 7/27/02)

      The Chapter X Spring Meeting will take place at Governor Livingston HS in the Band Room on Thursday 23rd at 6 PM. Discussion will include the fall schedule and championship shite as well as the rules changes ratified at the rules congress. Refreshments will be served. (posted 5/19/02)

      Read the full set of rules proposals to be reviewed by the TOB rules Congress on March 3rd. (posted 2/27/02)

     Chapter X would like to welcome a new member school for the fall seaso: East Brunswick HS under the direcion of Mr John Kish. East Brunswick will host a contest in the 2002 season. (posted 2/27/02)

       Those wishing to submit recommendations for the Rules Congress should download the Rules Recomendation Form and Cover Letter. Also, you may examine the current 2000 rules.

      The TOB Rules Congresswill be held this March.  Chapter membership is asked to watch for a fax from Chapter Coordinator Ray Troxell requesting ideas to recommend to the Congress. Please return ideas by January 15th. Assistant Chapter Coordinator Dan Groth will represent Chapter X at the Congress. (posted 1/05/02)

      West Essex Regional HS under the direction of Mr. Russ Batsch has announced that they will perform a full TOB marching season in 2002. (posted 1/05/02)

     There will be a Chapter X Indoor meeting on January 9, 2002 at South Plainfield HS at 7:30 PM. (posted 1/05/02)

     Performing units desiring to sell or purchase used guard equipment are recommended to visit www.guardcloset.com run by Brian and Val Prato. (posted 1/05/02)

     The results of the Chapter X Championship have been posted.  Congratulations to all bands! (posted 11/04/01)

     Information on the Chapter X Championship has been posted. (posted 10/31/01)

    There will be a meeting for the Old Bridge Band Parents at 7:30 on Tuesday October 16th in the Old Bridge Band Room to discuss the Chapter Championship.  Ray Troxell and an Groth will be attending. (posted 10/15/01)

    The scores from the Governor Livingston show have been posted. (posted 10/14/01)

    The Scores from the Matawan show have been posted.  Updated lineups for the GL and Jefferson shows are posted. (posted 10/7/01)

    All Bands must commit to Chapter Championship by October 15th.  You must Call, e-mail or Fax to Ray Troxell at 973-697-6096 (phone), N8230@aol.com, or 973-697-7837 (fax) (posted 10/3/01)

    Scores for the Old Bridge show has been posted.  The Clinic Judge was utilized by four or the seven bands attending and proved to be a great oprotunity for the students to gain an increased understanding of what the judges are looking for. (posted 9/30/01)

     Finalized information for the Old Bridge show has been posted. (posted 9/28/01)

    Preliminary Chapter X show lineups have been posted. (posted 9/17/01)

    The Chapter X spring meeting was held on August 29th at Governor Livingston HS.  Read the meeting minutes. (posted 9/17/01)

    The Chapter X fall meeting will be held on Wednesday August 29th at 7:00pm in the band room at Governor Livingston HS.  The fall schedule will be discussed. ALL member unit are requested to send a representative.  Non-member, Chapter X eligible bands are also welcome to come and learn more about Tournament of Bands. (posted 8/9/01)

    Recent problems with the Chapter X web page have been caused by some severe instability with sdf.lonestar.org where the site is hosted.  Sys Admins are working to correct problems and we should be completely back to normal in another week or so. (posted 6/6/01)

    Information pages have been created for each Chapter X fall shows. (posted 5/2/01)

    The Chapter X spring meeting was held on April 5th at Matawan Regional HS.  Read the meeting minutes. (posted 4/7/01)

    The Chapter X website now includes information on the 11 member schools including contact information, website links, and driving directions. More contact e-mail addresses should be added soon. (posted 4/3/01)

    Chapter X is proud to announce that Raritan HS has joined Chapter X for the 2001 outdoor season!  Welcome to the students of the band and their director Mr. Tracy Burke (posted 3/25/01)

   Chapter X spring meeting will be held on Thursday April 5, 2001 at 6:00 PM in the music room at Matawan Regional HS (posted 3/25/01)

    Chapter X is proud to introduce its new website!  This site will, by the beginning of the outdoor season, include information on each of the Chapter X member schools, contest schedules, driving directions, and contest results. (posted 3/25/01)


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